Bamboo Fiber Dishwashing Gloves

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We dread the moment.

What feels like a 9-to-5 job.

Those pile of dishes stacked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa is calling your name.

It's time to prepare for battle.

You manage to force your hands into the suffocation chamber known as latex gloves, find the worn out sponge with food scraps clinging on for dear life, and take out the soft bristled brush that is starting to loosen and reek of spoiled cheese.

All of this to tackle what SHOULD be a simple task.

What if there was a better tool that gets rid of all your unnecessary supplies and clutter?

Meet the Bamboo Fiber Dishwashing Gloves.

Take a look at why thousands of families have already made the switch.

  • Saves Detergent: Use only a small amount for a long lasting lather
  • Highly Absorbent: Wipe away dish residue with ease
  • Bacteria Resistant: Reduces germs and odors
  • Simple Care: Run gloves through water to rinse away collected oils and residue
  • Fast Drying & Breathable: No more drips. Water evaporates quickly for convenient storage
  • Soft & Luxurious Feel: Don't worry about scratching your pots or pans
  • Waterproof: Lined with PEVA vinyl to keep hands dry
  • Multiple Uses: Works on various surfaces (e.g. sinks, countertops, oven range, etc...)
  • Material: Bamboo fiber
  • Size: 3-5" (7-12cm) across hand width above thumb
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